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We were the First to Go in and the Last to Come Out

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Third to Come Home (First to Fight Book 3)

As a non-active-duty Marine, Kevin Porter is trying to figure out his next step in life.

The constant barrage of questions from his family isn’t helping matters. On a whim, he signs up for the Firefighter Academy.

That’s when fate steps in.

At a neighborhood bookshop, he meets the beautiful Adelaide, who wins his heart before he even sees her face. But Addy is enduring obstacles all her own. A mysterious woman keeps visiting the shop, whispering secrets about Adelaide’s family and hinting that her entire life is a lie.

Addy takes Kevin with her to Romania to uncover the truth. Yet things take a deadly turn when Addy is abducted. The Romanian mafia wants to use her as a pawn against her family. Little do they know, Kevin is calling in his Marine squadron, Kevin will stop at nothing to get her back. Can they make it back to the States alive? Or will Addy be the one to pay for her family’s past sins?

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Project Beacon

I am currently writing a jump-off series that connects with the First to Fight Series. This book is still in the first draft stage, but will hopefully be published in 2024.

Early 2024

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