First to Fight Playlist

Update: This post was one of the ones I lost when my website went down earlier this month. Still not sure what happened to all my posts, but I’m trying to get them posted once again. This is one of the ones I lost but hadn’t backed up. So it’s a re-do. Hope you all don’t mind.

When I write, I’m one of those authors that have to have music playing in the background. When I wrote First to Fight I was listening to a select set of songs that really reminded me of each character or a certain part of the story I was writing at the time. After I finished the book, I compiled this list of fantastic songs into a playlist.

The plan was to share this list in the back of the book as sort of an extra and I’m going to do just that, but I really wanted to share a few of the songs here on the blog as well. Again this isn’t the whole list, the full playlist will only be available in the paperback books.

The first song is one that really showed how Collin sees his girl! His true feelings for her. I listened to this song so many times while writing First to Fight. It’s one of my favorites on the playlist. It’s called She is the Sunlight by Trading Yesterday.

 The next two songs for some reason won’t show up as actual videos on here, but I’m going to at least link them. So the next song is the theme song to the whole book and it’s called Brother by Need to Breath ft. Gavin DeGraw. I love this song and it’s so fitting for the whole book, really it’s fitting for the whole series. 

The third and final song I’m going to share here on the blog is All Fall Down by One Republic. This one fits a few different scenes of the book, so I knew it had to make this list. 

There you have it, a glimpse into the First to Fight playlist.

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Hope you all have a great day and as always happy writing and happy reading!

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