I’m on Twitch!!

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a bit since I’ve posted, but it’s been a bit crazy lately. With the release day of First to Fight so close and everything else going on, I just haven’t had much time to do anything lately. I’m here today though to let you all know some awesome news! I’m on Twitch now…yep you heard me correct I’m now a streamer over on Twitch.

I try to stream at least three times a week. Wednesdays and Fridays are the two days that I have scheduled to stream, but I have been adding another day as well. Mostly Saturdays or Mondays. I usually stream pretty late, but I’m going to attempt to stream more as time goes. During my streams, I’ve been live writing and live editing the First to Fight series.

I would love to have you in my Twitch family, so please come over and follow me or come watch my live streams and chat with me. You can find me by CLICKING HERE! I’m really trying to get to 50 followers right now.

I hope you will come to check out some of my streams, we’ve been having a great time chatting about my series, plotting, and editing. It’s been a great time!

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