NaNoWriMo Journal Day 4

So it’s already day 4! Like I said in yesterday’s post, the Kyle’s book is really coming together. I’m enjoying my time writing this one. Though it is dark at points and right now I’m in the middle of writing a really hard sad couple of scenes. To cheer myself up yesterday, something I needed due to the scene I was writing making me cry, I started coloring the Color Your Way To 50K page in my copy of the Preptober workbook from author Natalia Leigh. 

I really enjoy filling in this page in the workbook, mainly because it gives me a writing break and sometimes while going through NaNoWriMo you need that. At least I know I do.

Tracking My Words

I was asked yesterday how I track my word count and all of that. This year I’m trying something a little new. Usually I track my words on my paper tracker. (Like the one in the image below.) I do most of my writing in sprints, so I just use this sprint tracker.

Like I said above though, this year I’m doing something a little different, I am using the tracker above, but I’m also tracking everything in my Notion. I love both ways for different reasons. I’ve always been a paper and pen kind of girl. Loving new notebooks and pens, but when I saw author Sarra Cannon’s Notion layout I knew I wanted to try it. So I pretty much set mine up as close to her’s as I could. You can check her video out HERE.

The reason I’m loving Notion so much, is because I can go back say next Preptober and see exactly what I was working on when. I can go back during NaNo next year or the following and see how many words I was writing at any given day. I love that I can go back and see. With paper planners and trackers, it’s hard to keep all that data and paper around that long.

Anyway, so day 3 my word count for the day was…

I hope you’re all doing great on your NaNoWriMo projects, let me know in the comments how you’re month is going so far.

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