NaNoWriMo Journal Day 6 & 7

I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle posting both Saturday and Sunday on here. So I figured putting both days together on the blog might be the answer. I hope you’re all doing great on your NaNo projects!

Day 6 of NaNo

Saturday was sort of a bust for me. I did however did write 1,380 new words. I didn’t reach my normal 2,000 words a day goal, but I ended up with a huge headache due to the crazy weather we’ve been having down here in FL. I was also fighting with a scene that I just couldn’t figure out exactly how to write, well more like I wasn’t ready to write it just yet. It’s a bit darker and angsty, honestly, I just wasn’t in the right mindset to jump into the angst. So after talking it over with my amazing Alpha reader, I ended up deciding to skip the scene, just make a few notes on it in my Scrivener document, and move on.

I’ll end up coming back to that scene when I’m ready to sit down and dive into the dark emotions of it. I was hoping that Sunday would be better, but…

Day 7 of NaNo

I don’t usually write on Sunday’s but during NaNo I try to at least get a few hundred words. I was shooting for 500 words, but again with a headache and the time change messing with me, I ended up only getting 300 new words. Though I think that’s pretty good for a Sunday for me.

Again I’m hoping that Monday will be better, but only time will tell!

How are you doing with your NaNo project?

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