NaNoWriMo Journal: Week 1 Update

Happy NaNo everyone!

The first week of NaNo went by so quickly. As you know, if you’ve been around here for a while, I love NaNoWriMo and participate every year. I thrive on the challenge every year so of course I’m going for it again!

This year I’m working on a new book and a new series, but it’s not a new series. It’s more of a jump-off from First to Fight (Book 3). This new book will have both Kevin and Addy in it as side characters. At this time I’m calling it Project Beacon. I have it planned as a set of standalone books in a series. So each book can be read alone, if that is what you like.

That’s all I can tell you about the book so far, other than it will be more of a Romantic Suspense than strictly Military Romance! Which is fun so far.

The first went well, I’m a head, which is something I do every year. I wrote 10k the first day, which was my plan. That way I’m ahead for those days when I can’t write or have other things going on. This way I don’t have to worry about those days.

Remember if you would like to see more about my days during NaNo you can follow me over on my Instagram. I post daily over there, also post a lot in my stories over there. So it’s a great way to follow along with my NaNo journey this year.

I’ve already gotten two of my rewards so far this year. I got a new coffee mug and a new BTS album. So, of course, I’m happy. My coffee mug is adorable it’s a Kdrama coffee mug. Will post pictures of it later on my Instagram.

All in all, my NaNo experience this year is off to a great start. If you’re participating in NaNo this year, let me know in the comments. I would love to cheer you on! It’s one of my favorite parts of NaNo, meeting other authors!

Hope the rest of your week goes great and remember you’ve got this, even if you’re not doing NaNo, just remember you’ve got this too!

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