What’s Playing Inside First to Fight Bar During the Holiday Season

Earlier this week, over on Instagram, I mentioned a playlist that the boys play at First to Fight Bar this time of the year. I wanted to share the whole playlist here on the blog, so that’s pretty much what this blog post is all about.

Each of these songs was picked by one of the main characters, so far in the First to Fight series. I’ve also made sure to make the playlist public over on Spotify so you all can listen to it as well. Enjoy!!

So, Collin’s song pick on the playlist is I’ll be Home For Christmas. It’s his favorite Christmas song because it reminds him of his Mom. She used to sing it in the kitchen while she baked cookies on the farm when he was little.

Rachel’s choice is Oh Holy Night, it’s always been one of her favorite Christmas songs, and tends to try to sing along, even though they all smile and act like she’s a fantastic singer, they all cringe slightly when the song actually comes on. Something that they would never let her see, of course.

Now comes little Chance’s choice for the playlist and that’s Jingle Bells, Batman Smells. He says that he likes the song because it makes him laugh.

Kyle’s choice is next on the list and that is Silent Night and once again, this is his favorite because of their mother. She used to sing it to them on Christmas morning as she made breakfast. For a long time, he couldn’t stand to hear the song, but recently he’s started to love it once more.

Charlie Brown Christmas has always been Lennox’s favorite Christmas movie so it’s no wonder that one of the songs from that playlist ended up on the First to Fight playlist as well. 

Kevin’s pick, of course, has more to do with the life he has been living and not about their mother. During the past few Christmas seasons he’s been overseas, and every year the men and women over there with him and on his team would start the day off with the 12 days of Christmas. So that’s his pick for the playlist. 

Kylie’s pick, unlike her two oldest brothers, doesn’t have to do with their mom or their family at all. She just loves the song It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas. Her reason is that simple.

Now, as far as their Father is concerned there is no better Christmas song other than White Christmas. So of course, the guys had to add that one to their list.

There are only two more songs left and they are for the waitresses and the other bartender. They chose Frosty. The whole bar breaks out in song every time this song comes along on the playlist, making everyone smile in the room. The last song on the list is We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Collin says that it’s his wish for everyone that walks into the bar. Every time it plays, the waitstaff, bartenders, and owners all sing it to everyone in the bar. 

So there, you have it. The First to Fight bar Christmas playlist! I hope you all have enjoyed the songs and the reasoning behind them being on the list.

What song would you add to the playlist if you had a chance?

I hope you all have a great holiday season. 

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