Hello, February 2022! Writing Goals

It’s already February….What? (I know it’s already the 7th and this is a bit late, but life happens right?) What happened to January? Oh, that’s right it was filled with me getting ready/set up for the release of First to Fight! That’s why it felt like the whole month just flew by. LOL

I have several things that are in the works for this month and I wanted to jump on here and share with you all what my plans are. This way it might help me be a little more accountable.

So right now, I’m in the middle of working on the second draft of Second to Fall, the second book in the First to Fight series. Of which, was just released last Wednesday on the 26th of Jan. If you don’t have your copy yet…what are you waiting for? Don’t forget it, First to Fight is available on Kindle Unlimited as well. Back to my goals for February.

My large tasks/goals are as follows for this month.

  1. Finish second draft of Second to Fall.
  2. Format the paperback edition of First to Fight and release it!
  3. Celebrate the paperback release.
  4. Go through Second to Fall two more times and check for any mistakes. Get it ready for my editor.
  5. Contact editor and set up time to send her Second to Fall.
  6. Schedule the cover reveal for Second to Fall.
  7. Contact The Blurb Doctor to get blurb for Second to Fall…yep you read that right. I’m terrible at writing blurbs and she’s amazing! Enough said.

That is the list of must-dos for February! This list is huge. I can’t believe I’m already getting the second book ready for you all when I just released First to Fight. That’s called Rapid releasing and that is the plan. The life of an indie author is always go go go, I’m kind of figuring that out. Not that I’m complaining, this is a huge dream of mine and I’m now getting to live it!

So, what are your plans, tasks, goals for February? Are you an author with a huge to-do list like me? Or just have a huge to-do list? You could always head over to Twitch on Wednesdays, Fridays, and sometimes Saturdays and do productivity sprints live with me. It’s a great way to get a lot of your to-do items off your list.

Anyway, that is my plan for the month of February? Let me know in the comments what your plans are for the month. I would love to know and connect with you.

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