Why Do I Write Military Romance?

This is a question I’ve been asked numerous times now and at first when I was asked I wasn’t too sure how to answer the question. It was just what I wanted to write. The military romance genre was what I was pulled toward. 

That’s what my reply was in the beginning, now it’s changed a bit. So I figured I would answer the question here on the blog. Yes I’m still pulled toward the genre and yes it’s one of my favorites, but it’s more than that. I enjoy writing the darker side of military romance. I enjoy telling the stories of these characters who aren’t perfect. I love showing the brotherhood of Marines. I enjoy writing the ups and downs of that life and showing what the families go through, not just the Marines themselves. 

I just started writing military romance and honestly the First to Fight series isn’t going to be a small series, so I think my answer will evolve with each book I write. For now, though this is my answer…

I write military romance because I enjoy showing every aspect of that life. I enjoy showing readers what it’s like to be the sister left at home to worry about her brothers. I lived that life, though my brothers don’t know that part. I get to write it and share it with all of you. I’ve seen and or heard what my military/marine friends have gone through and I just want to bring that to light. 

Ask me again in a few years and I might tell you differently, but for now, that is my answer!

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